Hi I'm Mark Drake,

I'm a Senior Web Engineer with The Scylla Group, Inc! I have over 12 years of experience with front-end technologies, and have spent the last 3 designing, integrating, and troubleshooting ASP.NET based solutions. 

My focus for the blog is to provide nuggets of knowledge that will help you diagnose and resolve common problems that plague web developers, but I also hope it inspires you to take part in the conversation & perhaps contribute a couple of lines of code too!

I speak quite a bit on the topics of user experience, web best practices, and process improvement. I'm currently focused on earning a MCSD certification from Microsoft, and becoming an Umbraco certified developer.

If you need a mature digital partner that can help you communicate and execute your ideas look no further than The Scylla Group.

Occasionally I have time to contribute to open source projects. See some of my public work at GitHub.

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Want to say hello? Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google Plus.

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